If tired, stained, or just plain dirty carpet is limiting the selling price and/or delaying the sale of a home that you already have or want to place on the market, try our "Showcase" carpet cleaning method.  Experience state-of-the-art double cleaning technology with edge clean, often producing surprisingly amazing results--it's your best shot at great looking carpets without replacement.  If the "Showcase" method can not produce the results you are looking for, it's probab;y not going to happen!  Realtor and customer satisfaction comments like the following are quite customary:

"Your carpet cleaning services were exceptional; can I clone you for all the other services I need to get my property ready?"

Marian Semoff, Realtor

"The carpet looks great, much better than I ever expected!  I've got another house going on the market that I want you to do!"

Charlene Shuman, Realtor

"The carpet turned out awesome.  I'd like for you to do another property for sale, and my home also!"

Maureen Clay, Realtor

"Commonwealth Corp. will be the first call I make for all of my carpet cleaning/restoration needs."

Dan Alderman, Realtor

Restoration Capabilities

NAME OF CUSTOMER: Crowne Plaza, Harrisburg

ADDRESS: 23 N. 2nd Street


TELEPHONE: 717-234-5021

SCOPE OF PROJECT: A sprinkler system malfunctioned on Christmas Eve.  Commonwealth Corporation's Rapid Response Mobile Water Damage Truck and Crew responded within the hour.  The team extracted over 10,000 square feet of carpeting on the 1st and 2nd floors; treated all affected areas, then set up drying and dehumidification.  Within four days the structure was dry and relative humidity was back to normal.  Commonwealth Corporation carpet cleaning technicians finished off the recovery plan by performing a solvent based carpet cleaning method to protect the custom wool carpet fibers from any additional damage.

DURATION: Our restoration team completed the entire water damage recovery process on both floors in five days. 

NAME OF CUSTOMER: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

ADDRESS: Transportation & Safety Building; Harrisburg, PA 17120


TELEPHONE: 717-787-3893

SCOPE OF PROJECT: Fire, instigated by an unknown source on the 6th floor, filled the entire building with heavy smoke. Commonwealth Corporation restoration crews were dispatched immediately to work around the clokc; setting up three shifts to work for the full duration of a 24-hour period like a fine tuned piece of equipment.  Each team had a supervisory ration of 7-1; and, with over 75 employees working during a given shift, Commonwealth Corporation was able to complete the task well ahead of schedule.  Every inch of the 9th and 10th floors were restored; including oganizing the moving of all office furniture, and coordination and supervision of all the electronics restoration, which included downloading all pertinent information from PENNDOT's computer network.  With these proven results, Commonwealth Corporation was the only restoration company of the three on site that was awarded additional contracts, which included the 4th and 5th floorws.  In concludion, nine floors sustained fire and water damage; three restoration companies were hired due to the tight time schedule, and Commonwealth Corporation prevailed with completing over 50% of the overall project in record time, with excellent results. Commonwealth Corporation's performance proved that their dedication and determination are second to no other company

DURATION: Our management team completed Phase I within 9 days to restore floors 9 and 10 of the buiilding.  Completed Phase II within 3 weeks to include cleaning of all inventory and contents of floors 4 and 5.

Commonwealth Corporation Successfully Completes Large Mold Remediation Job at Business in Downtown Harrisburg

"A job well done in every aspect--at half the cost of the next lowest bidder."

Over 100 separate areas of mold remediation in a single downtown business were required in one of Commonwealth's recent mold jobs.  Add to the size of the job, the additional requirement that everything had to be completed in a 5-8 day period and you begin to get the picture of the organization and commitment necessary for ensuring a job well done.

Each of the 100 spaces required the separate set up of negative air containment and the utilization of full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment--which included respirators) for technicians to remove and dispose of the affected area.  Following this, each tract was HEPA vacuumed and cleaned with a fungicidal agent before being rebuilt.  Every rebuild inculded reinsulation, drywall and wallpapering to restore the area back to its original finish.  Though the building owner required no confidentiality contract in this sensitive matter, Commonwealth Corporation handled the entire situation with absolute discretion.  Employees of the business thought remodeling of the building was taking place.  All in all, when COmmonwealth Corporation left the premises, if you hadn't learned from very limited inside sources why they were there, you would have never known it!

A job well done in every aspect--and at half the cost of the next lowest bidder.  In this case COmmonwealth Corporation's direct services motto, "We're not the cheapest, but we're the best," did not hold true.  The very lowest price was packaged with the absolute best service.  Whenever you or those you know or serve need any type of cleaning or restoration services, remember that price without quality is not a value.  Keep Commonwealth Corporation and the teal colored vans in mind when both price and quality count.  Aren't you looking for a cleaning/restoration company that not only cares the most, but delivers the most at the most reasonable prices?