Commonwealth Corporation has engineered three different methods of carpet cleaning to fit your specific needs and budget.  Each method is priced by the square foot, which is measured by the actual size of the room/ area to be cleaned.  By pricing our cleaning this way we know that we are allotting the ample time to do the very best job possible for you; there will be no rushing through to get to the next job or meet a quota.  We also know all rooms are not the same size and may require additional time and attention.  Using this method of pricing, you are never surprised with additional costs or up charges for stains, heavy soiling of the areas being larger than anticipated.

Showcase Carpet Cleaning

This method is unique to our company and it is the very best in the industry

Features - pretreating of areas due to soiling and/or stains.  This will ensure a nice even look of the areas after they are cleaned. Cleaning the edges by the baseboard trim with a unique tool formulated to get into the edges.  Shampoo and high-powered steam cleaning is done with the state-of-the-art RX-20 machine and truck mount unit

Steam Carpet Cleaning

This is the most commonly used method in the carpet cleaning industry

Features - pretreating the areas due to soiling and/or stains.  This will ensure a nice even look of the areas after they are cleaned.  Detergent Treatment, Steam Injection and Extraction using the truck mounted High Powered Unit.  This means there will only be hoses in the residence during the cleaning process.

Dry Cleaning of Carpets

This cleaning method is recommended for Oriental Rugs, FIne Rugs, Hand Loomed Rugs, and rugs amde with Natural Dyes

Features - this delicate method is used for rugs and tapestries that are hand loomed or dyed with unstable dyes (which tend to bleed when cleaned with water based products).  We pre-treat the rug with a solvent based chemical to remove heavy soiling and staining.  a dry-cleaning method would be done to the carpet, rug, or tapestry with a hand operated rotary cleaner which utilizes all solvent based chemicals. 

In addition to carpets, we also clean Upholstery and Windows

Upholstery Cleaning

Commonwealth Corporation Technitions will choose the best method of cleaning your fine upholstered furniture in accordance with the manufactureres recommendations and their knowledge of fabrics.

We offer cleaning of:

  • sofas
  • love seats
  • chairs - dining room, wing-back,  recliners, and office charis
  • upholstered specialty items - chaise lounge chairs, antique furniture, outdoor furniture, Haitian cotton fabrics, velvets, and velours
  • leather furniture

Window Treatment Cleaning

Have your custom window treatments cleaned in the convenience of your home by the experts at Commonwealth Corporation.

We offer cleaning of:

  • custom window toppers
  • custom draperies
  • fabric blinds

After your carpets, fine furniture, and draperies have been professionally cleaned, we recommend applying a Scotchguard or Soil Shield Protector which protects the material from stains setting in, re-soiling, and color fading.